Digby's Gardening Blog - September Jobs in the Garden

Digby's Gardening Blog - September Jobs in the Garden
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Digby's Gardening Blog - September Jobs in the Garden

September Jobs in the Garden


Pests and diseases


Pest and diseases should start slowing down from now but keep checking and if aphids are still present then they can be squashed by hand. Keep a look out for mildew and if needed remove infected leaves trimming back to healthy growth. Now is a good time to clear debris under and around plants as pests can overwinter in them.



Digby recommends: - SB plant invigorator and bug killer   https://www.alton-gardencentre.co.uk/sb-plant-invigorator-and-bug-killer-500ml-ready-to-use

 SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer 500ml - Ready to Use



Digby’s top tip: -


Did you know that snails have a homing instinct over short distances and can find their way back to your garden? It has been proved that if they are moved at least 20 m away then they are unlikely to find their way back so no throwing over your neighbours’ fence!!






  • Thin out any plants in the pond as they can spread rapidly and take over as always leave on the side for any wildlife to make their way back into the pond
  • Continue removing leaves and debris
  • Now is the time to think about placing netting over your pond to catch any falling leaves, if left leaves can decompose and give off lethal gases that can be harmful to fish and wildlife If possible use a fine mesh netting as this will catch smaller leaves and secure by pegging around the edges of the pond






Now is a good time to start maintaining your lawn as it’s probably had a good workout over the summer holidays.


  • Remove thatch by using a lawn rake
  • Aerate the lawn using a fork pushing into the lawn at a depth of about 15cm (6in)
  • Top dress immediately after
  • Use a low nitrogen feed
  • Reseed any small bare patches


Digby recommends: - Evergreen Autumn Lawn care and Miracle-Gro patch magic https://www.alton-gardencentre.co.uk/miracle-gro-patch-magic-grass-seed-feed-coir-1-5g

 Miracle Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed - Feed & Coir 1.5g






Trees shrubs and climbers


  • Plant any new shrubs as the soil will still be warm and moist
  • Move evergreen shrubs
  • Prune climbing roses taking out any dead or damaged wood
  • Stop feeding trees and shrubs that are in pots but give them one last feed of sulphate of potash


Digby recommends: - Maxi crop plant growth stimulant  https://www.alton-gardencentre.co.uk/maxicrop-seaweed-extract-plant-growth-stimulant

    Maxicrop Seaweed Extract Plant Growth Stimulant

Vitax Tree and Shrub planting feed https://www.alton-gardencentre.co.uk/vitax-tree-and-shrub-planting-feed

Vitax tree and shrub planting feed



Flowering plants


  • Plant new perennials
  • Cut down and divide existing perennials
  • Keep staking tall perennials
  • Keep deadheading
  • Sow hardy annuals
  • Check pots and water if needed
  • Clear out any summer bedding that has gone over
  • Plan new bedding schemes new stock arriving now



Digby recommends: - 





Kitchen garden


  • Lift maincrop potatoes
  • Lift and dry onions
  • Sow winter veg
  • Harvest pumpkins and squashes leaving a long stalk which will harden as it dries and will prevent the stem from rotting
  • Plant out strawberry runners making sure they show no signs of disease
  • Harvest late fruiting raspberries but leave the canes unpruned until late winter or early spring



Digby recommends: -



Autumn/winter veg now available undercover Special offer Strip veg £2.99 or 4 for £10.00



As always, we are here for help and advice


Alton's Plant Advice Team


Happy Gardening!












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