Santas Grotto

Santas Grotto

Santa's elves have been busy working in their new workshop, ready to welcome all the children to take a journey through Alton station, the enchanted forest and following a visit to the stables, it is time to see Santa before his reindeer fly off to deliver your presents.

Make sure to tell Santa what you want!

You will receive a present and a seedling Christmas Tree once you have given your wish to Santa. Now you just have to be good and you may just get the present you wished for.

Adults come free of charge however we must limit the group size to a maximum of 4 adults per group. This is to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone and to avoid overcrowding. 

Only purchase tickets for the Children you would like to go through the grotto and receive a present. 

Please note we do not send out any physical tickets. Your email confirmation will allow you entry into our grotto. Usually, just a name and address allows us to verify your booking. However, keep a copy of your email to hand just in case.

A lot of your queries will be covered in our Terms and Conditions and list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Alton Garden Centre operates a policy of no refunds or cancellations, except for extenuating circumstances and with management approval. 



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